External Battery Safety


Here at Vapour Evolution we’ve noticed the shift in the market towards 18650 external battery operated devices. We all know the benefits of being able to easily (and cost effectively) carry a spare battery or two, however I see a lot of vapers that don’t treat their batteries with the caution they deserve. With that in mind I wanted to outline a few tips to make sure you’re using your cells in a safe manner.

Only purchase batteries from reputable vendors. The vaping clone market is booming and although there may not be much difference with 1:1 cloned mechanical mods it’s a different story when it comes to batteries. There really is no point in trying to save a couple of pounds when it’s a safety issue.

Don’t buy cheap chargers. In life you generally get what you pay for so if you want those high drain batteries to hold their charge and have a consistent amp output then do the sensible thing and buy a decent external charger for them.

Ensure you’re charging at the right amp level. Most 18650 batteries charge between 0.5 and 2 amps. The user manual for your device should have the optimum amp level listed.

Don’t charge batteries overnight and make sure you’re around to check on them in case something does go wrong.

Don’t overcharge your batteries. Customers sometimes tell me their battery doesn’t hold as much charge any more and my first question is always “how long do you charge them for?” The life of your batteries will probably diminish if you overcharge them so take them out when they’re done.

Don’t fully run down your batteries. If the voltage goes below a certain level it can reduce the capacity for good. When your device shows signs of low voltage it’s time to take them out and recharge your cells.

Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool! I can’t stress the importance of this enough, make sure your battery wraps (the outer skin) are in good condition. Without a full and undamaged wrap your battery can discharge at any time. They’re readily available and cheap online and you can fit them with a hairdryer or lighter (if you’re careful) so there really is no excuse.

Put your batteries in the right way round. It sounds blindingly obvious but do always make sure you’re inserting your batteries with the positive and negative in the correct ends. Not all mods have reverse polarity protection so double check before you put them in.

Safely store your batteries. Most batteries come with a box or bag to store them in but if they don’t any small plastic bag will do. You just need to make sure they don’t come into contact with anything else metal (keys, loose change etc) otherwise they may well short.

Keep your device clean. Grime and grit in your device (especially on the connections) can affect the efficiency of your batteries.

Monitor coil resistances. Generally speaking don’t build below 0.2Ω unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Once you go below 0.2Ω the likelihood of battery mishaps is greatly increased.

Make sure multiple batteries have the same charge. When using multiple batteries it’s recommended to use the same make and model. You also want them to have the same charge so they discharge at the same rate.

Finally, always dispose of your batteries properly. Batteries are capable of producing a chemical reaction that can lead to explosion or noxious fumes. Lots of shops and recycling centres have special bins to dispose of them so do the right thing.

The last thing I want to do is scare anyone off from using external battery devices (personally I much prefer them). As long as you follow the simple tips above and use common sense you’ll be on the right track.
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