Troubleshooting For Vapers


At Vapour Evolution we understand that there are lots of new vapers and the technical aspect can be confusing. So we’ve put together a shortlist of the most common problems that vapers face and some simple fixes.

Liquid leaking? It sounds obvious but make sure the tank is screwed on properly and that the tank isn’t overfilled. Check all the rubber ‘O’ rings to make sure they haven’t degraded, slipped out of position or have excess liquid around them which would require cleaning or replacing. You may have a cracked tank which means time for a replacement (fortunately for you we have a great range of tanks and replacement glass parts in stock here)

Not enough vapour? You could be ready for a more powerful battery coupled with a tank that takes lower ohm coils (which you can find here).

Alternatively a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) liquid might do the trick as that’s what produces the clouds. You can find our 100% VG range here. Although do keep in mind the thickness of high VG liquids generally don’t react well with coils that are 1.0 ohm and above.

Dry burning taste when inhaling? This often occurs after filling the tank, leave it for 10 minutes to let the liquid soak into the cotton. You can dry pull on the device (without firing it up) to speed up the process.

If it’s a new coil it should be primed (moistened) with liquid. If you use an e-cigarette put a few drops of liquid down the centre hole of the coil. For more powerful devices put a few drops down the centre hole and holes around the outside of the coil.

If it’s an old coil it may need changing, coils need changing on average every 2-4 weeks (around every 500 puffs). You can buy them from our website here.

Not enough throat hit? You may require more nicotine in your liquid as that’s what gives the throat hit. Find our full range here.

Too harsh/Making you cough? You could be using too much nicotine so try a lower mg.

Adverse reaction to the propylene glycol? Try our 100% vegetable glycerin range by clicking here.

Liquid going into your mouth? Some liquid may have gone down the tube when refilling, pour out a small amount and use a cotton bud or tissue to dry. Alternately you may have a flooded coil, find the fix for this below.

Gurgling sounds or spitting when drawing on device?

Most commonly caused by an overfilled tank which means there could be too much liquid on the coil. Remove any excess juice then clean the atomizer and screw threads with a dry cloth or kitchen roll.

**TOP TIP** You can also take off the tank and fire up the coil for a few seconds at a time to burn off any excess liquid. (CAUTION!) Hold it away from you to avoid any liquid that may spit out.


As with a lot of issues (in life, not just vaping!) they can often be sorted by keeping things clean and well maintained. Treat your device well and it will reciprocate.

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