E-Liquid Guide

E-Liquid Guide

All of our Vapour Evolution e-liquids come in a range of nicotine strengths: 0 – 24 milligrams [per millilitre]

. Some other brands we sell also offer a 3mg and 9mg option.

Here is a rough guide [assuming you vape as often as you smoke]

  • 0mg: No nicotine. For those that have given up smoking but still like the action.
  • 6mg: A small amount of nicotine. 6 mg is usually the last step to being able to quit for good.
  • 12mg: For your average smoker that gets through perhaps 10 a day.
  • 18mg: If you smoke around a pack a day then we would recommend 18mg of nicotine to begin.
  • 24mg: This is very high strength, for those smoking at least a pack a day.

N.B. Milligrams can also be expressed as percent, e.g 24 mg = 2.4%

Aside from water, our e-liquids are made up of four ingredients: Vegetable Gylcerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), pharmaceutical grade nicotine and food-safe flavourings.

Vegetable Gylcerin produces the vapour, while the Propylene Glycol carries the flavours and makes it stable. Higher VG liquids will make the vapour smoother, but is harder to carry distinctive flavours. Higher PG liquids are harsher on the throat, giving you more of a throat hit – but can carry very complex flavours, such as: tea, coffee and chocolate.

At Vapour Evolution, we source all of our e-liquids from both the UK and the USA, choosing only the most reputable sources to ensure you premium quality.

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