E-Cig Starter Guide

E-Cig Starter Guide

Filling up your E-cig

  • Unscrew the atomiser from the e-cig battery
  • Unscrew the bottom cap of the atomiser and set aside
  • Tilt the atomiser 45 degrees to avoid spillages and drop the e-liquid into the central element 3/4 full
  • Close bottle of e-liquid and keep for next time
  • Screw the bottom cap with the coil back onto the atomiser.


Putting Your E-cig Together

  • Screw together the atomizer and battery
  • Check the battery has been charged by pressing the button five times, it should now be awake.
  • This is how you will turn your e-cig on and off – five times a charm!


Charging your E-cig

*Tip* To prevent running out of battery whilst you are on-the-go, either keep a spare charged battery on you, or just get into the habit of keeping it well charged when you are indoors.

  • Unscrew the battery from the atomiser
  • Screw the battery into the battery charger
  • The light on the charger will shine red when it’s charging and green once fully charged
  • The battery charger USB port can be plugged into your laptop, iphone, playstation – or anything with a USB connection to charge.


Cleaning your E-cig

Tear off a long strip of kitchen roll/tissue about five inches wide, fold the width in half and rub the long strip between the palms of your hand to form a thin string of tissue –  this will be your cleaning tool!

Dip this into your battery end and rotate to clean away any remnants of liquid that may be in there

After a while condensation may start to build up on the sides of your air holes so clean here and ensure you insert the tissue all the way through to keep the dip tip clean too.


Once on, hold the button firmly down whilst taking slow, deliberate puffs. Like most things, the more you slow down and enjoy it, the better it will be. You’re vaping!!

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