E-Cig Battery Guide

E-Cig Battery Guide

Low quality e-cigarette batteries can prevent you getting the best out of your vaping experience.  They can damage your device, or even be dangerous. For this reason we only sell the highest quality batteries.

All of our standard batteries are designed for atomizers with a resistance of more than 1ohm and sub ohm batteries come under the mod heading Mili-amp hours [Mah]determines the amount of time your battery is going to last.

Discharge describes the output power of your battery.

Fixed Voltage

Fixed voltage means you won’t have any control over your device, aside from changing your e-liquid blends. The manufacture will have designed your device so you have consistent voltage and wattage.

You’ll soon discover that e-liquids behave differently from one another – some ‘burn’ up quickly and can taste overheated, whilst others need extra oomph to really be able to taste them. Adjusting your wattage/power allows you to adjust to the different personalities of your e-liquid flavours.

This is why vapers talk so much about watts, ohms and volts. Being able to adjust the power of your device according to your own personal taste plays a huge part in the enjoyment of vaping.

If you have vaped for a little while, you’ll soon realise that variable voltage allows greater control over your vape. [See the following section]   Variable Voltage   Smaller pen devices are usually variable voltage. As explained under the Fixed Voltage heading, being able to adjust the power off your device will allow you to experience e-liquids more fully, as different e-liquids require different power/wattage settings to be able to taste them at optimum. As it’s name suggests, Variable Voltage allows you to adjust the voltage, sending more or less power to your heater coil. These devices give you much more control than fixed power devices and are quite simple to operate.   Power   Vapers often talk about watts, ohms and volts. Why? Because they all impact the strength of taste, throat hit, temperature and size of your vape cloud. Let’s start with wattage: wattage basically determines how powerful your device is.  Your battery creates voltage, and your tank/atomizer with coil etc] creates ohms.  When they combine together – voila! – WATTAGE is formed!

The higher the voltage on your battery and the lower your ohms on your atomizer device, the higher the power (wattage) of your vapourizer.

Long-term vapers often seek greater Watts for a more powerful throat hit and cloud. However, the pay off is that greater watts means your battery lasts less time.

Keeping this in mind, when choosing from a reputable brand, there is no one battery better than another. Instead, we encourage you to buy the battery that is the closest amperage required of your device, whilst retaining the greatest amount of milli-amp hours in the battery.

That way, you have a great smoke, but won’t get caught out with a dead battery half way through the day.

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