Clearomizer Guide

Clearomizer Guide

The clearomizer is the top part of your device – the tank that holds the liquid and has the heating element inside.

Liquid passes through the tank before the cotton wool soaks it up into the coil.  As it’s heated on the coil the liquid ‘vaporizes’ through the mouthpiece.

Clearomizers come in different brands, and offer features like varying capacity, adjustable airflow, replaceable coils and drip-tips.

It’s worth noting that some clearomizers and atomizers [the heating element] have different recommended voltages that you should use them at. If you are buying them separately, make sure that they are compatible with the power output of your battery.  All of our clearomizers use a 5-10 connection (universal – so you should be able to use them on any E-Cig battery.

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